With the growing size and variety of operation fields, managing assets will become harder every day. Legacy systems based on analog and manual procedures transformed to digital environment and physical entities become an avatar in the cyber world, even in the work environment. Such transformation will be names as Digital Twins for every sector.

Distributed and diverted environment makes it more complex to find or track the asset (s). The easiest way to follow and track such assets is to put a so-called TAG on the asset and get signal of the where abouts of itself. To communicate with the TAG, an ANCHOR or GATEWAY will be used as  a collector of data, where it is forwarded to the command or central office for further processing. The field, floors and multiple locations can be monitored, tracked and lost can be found (as long as it has it tag).

Finding the asset is important, but also understand whether it is working or not is also another data for operational technologies (OT). IT as well as OT needs to get more data about the where abouts and the status of the asset. It can be revealed, monitored even controlled (ON/OFF) with the right accessories. Connecting a simple transformer (eg. Current) will help to monitor the device via the electromagnetic field level, is it operational or not etc.

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