Creating a Virtual Model of Your Business: The Machinaide Project

We continue to explain the projects developed for significant innovations in the field to follow the developments aimed to provide convenience while increasing efficiency in many areas. Such innovations continue to occur rapidly within the sector. One of the projects developed by focusing on the highest point of technological innovations is the Machinaide project.

The Machinaide project is a very modern and innovative project in its field. The Machinaide project, an innovative project planned for industry 4.0under the headings of digital production and transformation, aims to increase the usability and functionality of cranes, printing machines, equipment with digital twin data. With the help of this project, machine manufacturers can gather data about their products in different formats. It aims to create many innovative concepts. These goals include combining digital twins, enhancing machine interoperability, and creating an innovative business model.

What are Digital Twins?

Digital twins mean a virtual replica of a device or an object. Digital Twins, a virtual model of a product that is physically available in real life, shows how the device itself or the service it provides works in the real world and what kind of results it produces.

Primarily the term was first used by Dr. Michael Grieves in 2002 and has been applied to the manufacturing industry by him as well. Although it has an important place in the industry since 2002, the concept of Digital Twins has become a much more vital area with its ability to be integrated into the rapidly developing IoT technology.

Goals of the Machinaide project

More than one digital twin data is needed to increase the functionality and optimization of the devices. This project supports innovative concepts for retrieval, search, and analysis.

Developed simultaneously with the activities in the field of digitalization and artificial intelligence in the rapidly developing technology age, the Machinaide project aims to increase the usability of machines and provide innovative services by creating digital twins that can work together in line with the data of digital twins.

When the project is completed, it is aimed to create innovations for the development of data analysis, operational services, and engineering fields and to experience an improvement in customer relations.

There are many different areas where the Machinaide project envisions improvement. It is anticipated to achieve many different gains, both socially and technologically.

While increasing interoperability, enhancing the usage capacity of the machines is an important task that the project aims to contribute technologically. When the device is damaged, situations such as disruption of production or serious cost problems may arise. For this reason, uninterrupted production and the long life of the device provide a profitable return in material and moral terms in the long term.

While creating a safer environment for devices and personnel, the production process is much more efficient without disruption, and the HMI interactions adapted with digital twins data facilitate the process, resulting in many positive results such as increasing user satisfaction and strengthening the manufacturer-customer relationship.

Besides, the goals aiming technological improvement increase customer and user satisfaction considerably. We have listed the technological innovations targeted by the project for you as follows:

– Making use of smart machines

– Intuitive HMIs

– Utilizing real-time data from Digital Twins

These innovations not only increase satisfaction but also offer application-level flexibility and security. Creating new business processes will also become very easy.

So, what kind of gains are achieved in line with so many goals?

In fact, Machinaide, which will produce the results that most businesses and employers desire in essence, increases the quality and usability of the service and reduces the cost thanks to smarter devices, thus allowing a much higher qualitywork to be performed at a lower cost. It also helps increase the total income through the integration of different ecosystems; It helps to create new revenue models.

In the use-case scenarios, predictive maintenance is performed by virtualizing a device on the production line and testing its operability. From the beginning, it is aimed to obtain a final virtual product by applying optimization and quality management through virtual simulation.

The foundations of the usage scenario of the Machinaide project were laid in January 2020 and the usage partner company ERMETAL factory was visited. In this process, it was aimed to determine the usage scenario and a plan was created in order to realize the usage scenario with the project.

Although this project has only been tested to be applied in the factory environment, it aims to serve in many different important areas. Every device and business model that will be created with digital twin data can be used in areas such as advanced product design, development of cities, and even spacecraft.

Thank you for reading. If you would like to receive more information, please feel free to get in touch. Hope to see you in other posts!

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