Voice Call, a side application of MobiVisor, allows you to talk securely with your users via your internet connection. For more information: Mobivisor


With MobiVisor Voice Call application;

  • Users can make secure and encrypted conversations with others via internet connection on their mobile devices. Thus, there are no extra call charges or costs.
  • Calls are encrypted with SRTP (Secure RTP) and SIP packets are encrypted with TLS algorithm.

Messaging, another side application of MobiVisor, provides secure and encrypted messaging between users.


With MobiVisor Messaging application;

  • Users can message with each other in a secure and encrypted way,
  • Users can create groups within application and can send bulk messages,
  • You can send notifications to all devices registered in the system,
  • Through messaging application, users can send files (pictures, documents, audio files, etc.) in an encrypted form.
  • You can ensure that messages sent are deleted from both server and the device after the set time-out with the auto erase feature.
  • Messages on the application are encrypted with 256-bit AES/CBC algorithm using 256-bit (Elliptic curve) public-private keys.